My first blog

Hi everyone.I am writing my first blog and i will be starting with writing about some of my favourite anime that aired in 2019.This year was amazing as we got see some wonderful anime and the coming year shows promise as well. I am very excited so let’s get going….

these are my top 3:

3. The Promised Neverland:

This show perfectly captures the essence of a horror shounen genre with a solid plot and the close first person shots just add to the suspense and tension created in every scene. If I tell you more about the plot it would contain spoilers so I will just say it’s a story of kids living in an orphanage and the events that unfold makes you crave for more with each episode. It is definitely running in the race for anime of the year. The next season will air in 2020 and i am eagerly waiting for it.

2 .Kimetsu No Yaiba(Demon Slayer):

According to me this one of the beat shounen of the recent years and honestly I like it more than Boku no hero Academia.

This anime tells the story of a young boy Tanjiro who lives happily with his family but one day his entire family is murdered by demons with only his sister left unharmed but she has turned into a demon.Then this tale begins with Tanjiro’s quest to turn her sister back to human.This series is produced by Ufotable which also animated Fate series and i must say that the animation is top-notch and there is one scene(no spoilers) where my eyes were literally in heaven.This is a must watch and if you haven’t watch this then please do give it a try.

1.Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on titan season 3):

At the top for me is the third season of attack on titan which is among my favourite series of all time and trust me guys this season is a masterpiece and it will be remembered in anime history for good reasons.Some might feel that the first two seasons were slightly slow paced but i feel that it all was a set up for the end and i enjoyed the first two seasons but this season just takes it to another level with the feeling of sheer excitement and one is always guessing what is gonna happen next.The action scenes are out of the world,the storytelling is apt,the amazing artwork and animation is a beautiful tribute to the work of the genius writer,Hajime Isayama. This is a show not to be missed , the final season will air in around october next year and from what I have heard from manga readers you are in for a roller-coaster of a ride.

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